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Our certification reminds staff they're working in the happiest workplace in their industry, boosting loyalty and job satisfaction.

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Happy people
Happy customer

We believe that only happy people can distribute happiness.

We are at a time in which people’s search for happiness is gradually increasing. Employees prefer workplaces where they will be happy, customers prefer brands that will make them happy. Happiness has come as the main determinant of sustainable high performance. While the workplace culture determines the happiness and unhappiness of the employees, only companies with happy employees can make their customers happy. Therefore, customer happiness requires a cultural change to be carried out from the inside out. In addition, the results of the research show that the companies on the Happy Place to Work List have 80% higher stock returns than other companies. Therefore, happy employees create happy customers, happy customers bring high profitability, which means happy shareholders. At this point, we can support you for a “happy workplace”. Do you think your organization Happy Place to Work? If the answer is “Yes”, let’s certify it immediately. If your answer is “No”, let’s turn it into “Yes” together.

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Do you think your organization is a Happy Place to Work?

Nominate your company! Don't miss the opportunity to show your people-centered culture, share the practices that contribute to a positive work environment, recognize and reward the efforts of employees and celebrate the successes!

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