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Employee Engagement

Successful organizations go beyond simple measurement and actually engage with their people to understand the accelerators — and barriers — that impact company performance.


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Achieve better business results with employee engagement

It can be difficult to keep people motivated over a long period of time and across their whole careers. Employees’ motivations, interests, and passions may vary andalter as they advance through their lives. Furthermore, the pandemic has caused people to rethink their health, priorities, purpose, and lives in ways they may nothave done previously. For all of these reasons, prioritizing employee engagement in 2022 and beyond is a must.

Employee involvement, on the other hand, is difficult – 70% of reforms fail. It is more difficult in today’s atmosphere due to external factors. Talente assists clients in developing a workforce that can thrive in the face of change and building a future-ready organization. We offer tailored ways to employee engagement to meet them where they are today and to help them get to where they want to go in the future.

The Process in a Nutshell

Get a Complete Picture

We assist companies in determining which aspects of the work experience have the biggest impact on employee satisfaction. Giving employees the opportunity to perform and recognizing them for it, creating positive connections, and being treated fairly are all part of our comprehensive paradigm for effective employee engagement.

Transform Data into Insights

Our easy-to-use dashboards allow you to combine data from different sources. To find trends and gaps in data, you can slice it in practically any way you want. Utilize personalized driver analysis to identify the roadblocks to people’s and organizations’ performance. Determine a solid plan for ensuring staff engagement.

Develop an Action Plan

We assist you in taking action on those aspects of the employee experience that are affecting involvement once insights have been uncovered. Managers and executives receive action suggestions that are specific to their team and part of the business, allowing for open communication with employees.


improved performance

202% improved performance in companies with engaged employees - Gallup


total returns

​Happier companies had stock returns that beat their peers  - London Business School


lower turnover

67% lower turnover in companies with engaged employees - Gallup

Examples of Our Work

Designing an innovative bonus system to increase sales

In an international fair company, employee motivation and performance were quite low. Sales were not at the desired level. The company was unsuccessful in producing new fairs. Its growth had been completely stopped. We redesigned the company’s bonus system based on performance. We helped design and drive a two-year change program that moved engagement scores into the top quartile. The company increased its revenues by 400% within 3 years.

Cultivating inclusiveness to drive engagement

A software company had designed all working conditions, from office ergonomics to gym to sleeping rooms, for employee happiness. But these efforts yielded no results. Complaints and reluctance were at a high level. Management was helpless about what to do. We launched a company-wide inclusive program. We ensured that everyone took responsibility for improvement, starting with the lowest level employee. Employee engagement increased by over 40% in two years.

Engaging people to support cultural change

A consumer goods manufacturer was experiencing lagging performance and job losses while adjusting to new ownership. As the restructuring was going on, the situation had become inextricable. We helped design and drive a two-year change program including the alignment of the senior management, the empowerment of the middle level, and the culture council that enables the active participation of the employees in the management that moved engagement scores into the top quartile and decreased turnover below 10%.

Featured Capabilities

Wellbeing Index applies process analysis to employee experience with quantitative diagnostics and proven recipes for success, providing the necessary factors to foster a culture of trust and achieve sustainable high performance.

In Depth Interview

In Depth Interview, defines what needs to be changed in order to increase the company's excellence, revealing how each manager sees the current culture of the company, their perspective for today and the future.

Internal Customer

Internal Customer Analysis, which is based on service and communication satisfaction between units, provides concrete road maps that define what needs to be done for better communication. A strong framework based on scientific research. Personalized reports and action plans.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a powerful improvement tool where problems are analyzed in depth and root causes are systematically identified in order to strengthen a culture of trust and increase employee engagement.

Team Dynamics Analysis®

Team Dynamics Analysis® is a powerful analysis tool developed by adapting The Blake Mouton Grid® to the team level. It provides a comprehensive framework that defines the team's daily management practices in terms of "Business Focus" and "Relation Focus”

Blue Ocean Leadership

Blue Ocean Leadership is based on the idea that leadership can be thought of as services that executives within the company "bought" or "rejected". It provides leaders with tangible and measurable feedback on how their business practices are evaluated.

White Space Leadership

Beyaz Alan Liderliği, liderlerin yetkinlik ya da özelliklerden ziyade davranışlarına odaklanır. Daha etkili liderlik için, azaltılması, arttırılması, ortadan kaldırılması ve sıfırdan yaratılması gereken davranış kalıplarını tanımlar. Aynı zamanda liderler için somut ve kısa vadeli sonuçlar üretecek eylem planları üretir.


Cultureland is a powerful cultural development tool based on gamification and positive psychology, embodying the codes of efficiency and behavior with daily experiences.

High Communication Workshop

High Communication Workshop increases engagement by strengthening the interaction that weakens with remote work and accelerating the adaptation of newcomers to the institution.

Inspiring Teams

Inspiring Teams, provides customized content for each team and real-time feedback to managers, communicating the organization's improvement priorities and helping to accelerate cultural transformation.

Adaptive Coaching

We help you discover opportunity in today’s changing markets and empower you to make big growth decisions for your business. Work smart and build agile, resilient leaders, teams and culture. Consistent results. Energized people.

Culture Council

Culture Council is an organizational development structure that systematically delivers the expectations and perspectives of the employees to the senior management after evaluating them within the framework of the institution's norms and policies.

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